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4 December, 2023  “It's not a club it's a Gang”

The fourth beer is a sour beer which is a result of cooperation between Mash Gang and Vault City.

Inspired by the ultimate breakfast it was named after, this stack is perfectly balanced with layers of blueberry maple sweetness, smooth vanilla and a delicately sour finish from juicy blackcurrants and Vault City’s signature mixed fermentation base beer.

A little back ground story about the Brewery. Mash Gang was started in Corona times. They felt like there needed to be more great beers with a low alcoholic percentage. So they created great beers with a low alcoholic percentage. It is insane how many beers they released so far. They come up with new beers every week! We are proud to be the Dutch selling point and we try to get our hands to most of their brews. 

Mash Gang has a large fanbase worldwide and after tasting this beer, you will know why. From a thick sour, to a well balanced stout to the best AF lager you have tasted to crispy and hoppy IPA's. This is the best and craziest NOLO Brewery out there. 

Cheers and enjoy! 

SuperstackMashGang-1 (1).webp

3 December, 2023 “Alcoholfree Beer is not just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle.”

Hi, we are Galea, a gypsy brewery from Antwerp. The can in front of you is our Holy Roasty. This beer is the first alcoholfree coffee stout from Belgium! We brewed this beer together with BCB in Menen. Just like as in many of our stouts with alcohol, this beer contains freshly roasted coffeebeans, a large amount of Madagaskar Bourbon Vanilla beans and cacao beans. The coffeebeans we used are our own specialty blend (Brasilia, Malawai, El Salvador). When we brew this beer, we use 2 different types of yeast. The yeast gives a very small amount of alcohol, but a lot of aroma and taste to the beer.

Last summer we also launched an alcoholfree blond beer (Holy Fruity), fresh sour with pineapple and ginger. A must try!


Enjoy this beer, Enjoy the holiday season with family or friends and Enjoy a good drink!


Cheers, Galea


2 December, 2023 “Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson

Day 2, and we drink a non-alcoholic lager with 0.4% ABV from Sweden, which was created by a collab between Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson and brewery Nils Oscar. The beer is a golden lager, dry-hopped with Cascade, Citra and Motueka hops. And in an Iron Maiden themed look, it really is an eye-catcher. Enjoy it!


1 December, 2023 "It's happening!"


Unplugged IPA! It's our first alcohol-free beer, so we decided to go for our favourite IPA style. Highly aromatic and decidedly bitter, our Unplugged has all the trademarks of the beer revolution style. Expect citrus, tropical and resiny notes, rooted in surprisingly full-bodied malts. We wish you lots of fun drinking our beer and happy holidays! Trzech Kumpli Brewery Team

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